Boston Fashion Week – Opening Party

After attending the Harvard SEM program mixer earlier in the evening, I returned home to do a quick outfit change before heading out to BOND at the Langham Hotel for the opening party of Boston Fashion Week.  I switched out the plaid skirt for this stretchy metallic skirt from H&M’s Conscious Collection made from recycled polyester.


I also changed boots into Cole Haan’s Sawyer Air Short Boot which I picked up barely used – near mint as far as I could tell – on Ebay for less than $50.


The Langham building originally started life as the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston back in 1922.  It has a beautiful interior including the restaurant/lounge/bar BOND which works money into its décor scheme.  A healthy crowd showed up for the evening, though I wouldn’t describe it as packed, for some people-watching and BOND’s excellent cocktails.  Aspiring designers, models, singers, DJs and other quasi-entertainment/fashion types looked on while a handful of models amusingly used the center aisle of the restaurant as a makeshift catwalk to pose for photographers with local designers showing their collections throughout the week.

BFWParty1 BFWParty2 BFWParty3 BFWParty5

After several unsuccessful attempts at performing a kip up on the “runway”, this guy – who I presume is a designer – just decided to take his shirt off and do whatever this is.


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Harvard Sustainability and Environmental Management Program – Fall Mixer

I started taking environmental classes at Harvard Extension out of casual interest and ended up enrolling in the Sustainability and Environmental Management Master’s program.  For the two years that I have been attending, disappointingly there has not been much in the way of social activities.  Given how widely dispersed the students are and that most are enrolled part-time, it is difficult to get to know anyone.  However, this year there appears to be a focus on fostering a greater sense of community amongst those in the program as there are events planned, the first of which was a mixer this past Friday.  It was a potluck/barbeque on campus and had a great turnout.  The common theme through the conversations I had that evening was what are we going to do when we’ve finished the degree?  It’s not so obvious how to break into the “green” job market.

For the event I found a vintage 1960’s Lee Cooper plaid skirt, made in the UK, on Ebay to pair with a black turtleneck and tights.  I have needed to replace some black ankle boots that I wore to death and after much searching purchased the Timberland Earthkeepers Stratham Heights Ankle Boot.  Earthkeepers is a line of more sustainable products made partly with recycled materials and leather from tanneries with environmental certifications.  As a company, Timberland is regularly cited as a leader in social and environmental responsibility among apparel manufacturers.  The Stratham Heights boots are sturdy and comfortable enough for lengthy walks but not so rugged that they don’t look good with a skirt.


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