Museum of Science – Climate Change & Sustainability Exhibits


The Museum of Science has a few exhibits highlighting environmental and energy issues on view this fall.

Climate Change in Our World: Photographs by Gary Braasch displays work from the photojournalist depicting such phenomena as glacial retreat, drought and floods.  On a busy weekend with lots of families milling about it was a bit sad to see the lonely exhibit in a corner room being completely ignored.

MOSPhoto1 MOSPhoto2 MOSPhoto3 MOSPhoto4

In Seasons of Change, how New England is being impacted by climate change is explored more interactively.  After watching video documenting the decline of maple syrup production or dangling a fragile shell in seawater acidified by carbonic acid, visitors are invited to write down what it is they will miss about New England when climate alters or changes some of our traditions.  This exhibit also was a bit lonely.

MOSSeason1 MOSSeason2

Our Global Kitchen: Food, Nature, Culture is a massive and fascinating look at the origins of food, the variety and local traditions across the world, agriculture – with an emphasis on sustainability concerns and solutions, and some “American” issues like food waste and obesity.

MOSGlobalKit1 MOSGlobalkit2 MOSGlobalkit3 MOSGlobalKit4 MOSGlobalkit5

Among the permanent exhibits are the hands-on Conserve@Home and Energized!  The first presents some practical advice for cutting down on waste at home and the second delves into the science of alternative energy sources.

MOSConserve1 MOSConserve4 MOSConserve2 MOSConserve3  MOSEnergized1

The museum is a short walk across the street from the Museum of Science Green line T stop.  For the price of two people to visit the museum exhibits, planetarium and see an IMAX film it turned out to be cheaper to buy an annual membership.  The museum is committed to both operating sustainably and bringing awareness to sustainability.  Besides choices of exhibits and films, the institution employs alternative power sources including wind turbines on the roof and has made many infrastructure changes to conserve energy.  Details of their achievements and goals are listed on the Green Initiative section of the website.

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Boston International Fine Arts Show


The three-day Boston International Fine Art Show brings art dealers near and far to the Cyclorama at the Boston Center of the Arts.  Most of the galleries represented were from Boston or other parts of New England, however there were plenty of booths with dealers from New York, Chicago and L.A. as well as a handful from Canada, France and Italy.  Tickets are good for the entire weekend and include all of the special talks.  Walking around, the viewer is struck by the overwhelming quantity of paintings depicting forests, flowers, animals and seashores.  If gallery owners tailor their selections to display based on local sales experience, or their perceptions of what appeals to Bostonians, then we are certainly preoccupied with all things natural.  I would even say there was a notable absence of portraiture and cityscapes.

FineArtShow13-4  FineArtShow13-1FineArtShow13-2

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Marguerite Robichaux at the Pucker Gallery


The Pucker Gallery held an opening reception on Saturday for Maine-based landscape painter Marguerite Robichaux.  The exhibition entitled “Here and Gone” presents paintings of places loved by the artist that are here – walking outside her home she can see and recreate them, gone – places visited long ago that exist to her in her memories, and yet gone – natural places fallen victim to development that exist to everyone only now in memory.  The exhibition is on view until early January.

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Roger Bowman – Pucker Gallery


Yesterday afternoon the Pucker Gallery held an opening reception for Roger Bowman, an Arkansas- based artist who paints still-life works set in natural landscapes in watercolor.  Nostalgic objects like toys and old shoes are juxtaposed against serene forest or riverine settings with the occasional bird or rabbit looking in.  On display through mid-November, the paintings are worth a contemplative visit.

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