St. John the Baptist Church Annual Greek Food Festival

The annual three-day Greek Food Festival held at St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church on Union Park St. in the South End took place this weekend.  Typical Greek fare was on offer including my two favorites, spanakopita and tiropita, homemade by the ladies of the church.  In addition, a wide variety of desserts including rice pudding, baklava and cookies could be purchased to take home.  Folk music played as diners ate under a white tent in the courtyard and sipped Greek beers, wine and ouzo from the bar set up in the courtyard.  One of the ladies selling desserts told us that the church struggles financially since most of the community now lives out in suburbs like Arlington or Belmont.  Parking rules used to be waived on the side streets for congregants on Sundays so that they could attend services.  That waiver has apparently been revoked so it is more difficult to get families to drive in.  Low participation from young people – no doubt a problem for all churches – is also a worry.  This is one of the biggest fundraisers of the year for the 90-year-old community.  Let’s hope it remains popular and draws in the next generation to support a great neighborhood institution.

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