Boston Fashion Week – Opening Party

After attending the Harvard SEM program mixer earlier in the evening, I returned home to do a quick outfit change before heading out to BOND at the Langham Hotel for the opening party of Boston Fashion Week.  I switched out the plaid skirt for this stretchy metallic skirt from H&M’s Conscious Collection made from recycled polyester.


I also changed boots into Cole Haan’s Sawyer Air Short Boot which I picked up barely used – near mint as far as I could tell – on Ebay for less than $50.


The Langham building originally started life as the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston back in 1922.  It has a beautiful interior including the restaurant/lounge/bar BOND which works money into its décor scheme.  A healthy crowd showed up for the evening, though I wouldn’t describe it as packed, for some people-watching and BOND’s excellent cocktails.  Aspiring designers, models, singers, DJs and other quasi-entertainment/fashion types looked on while a handful of models amusingly used the center aisle of the restaurant as a makeshift catwalk to pose for photographers with local designers showing their collections throughout the week.

BFWParty1 BFWParty2 BFWParty3 BFWParty5

After several unsuccessful attempts at performing a kip up on the “runway”, this guy – who I presume is a designer – just decided to take his shirt off and do whatever this is.


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