Boston Fashion Week: Saelvage – Sustainably Fashioned

On Sunday evening I attended the launch event of the Sustainable Fashion Collaborative (SFC) at the Urbano Project in Jamaica Plain.  The organization plans to provide a platform for discussions about sustainability in the fashion industry and connect the various players – designers, sellers, buyers – with each other.  Called Saelvage: Sustainably Fashioned, the event showed examples of sustainable fashion from a few local designers alongside exhibits with environmental and ethical messages about the garment industry.  The purpose of the exhibit was described as follows:

“The Sustainable Fashion Collaborative of Boston launches with this exhibition of eco-fashion and offers a deeper look at what it means to be sustainable.  Featuring the creations of Boston-based designers GeorgAnnette Chatterly, Lallitara, MULXIPLY, Amy Plante, Ellen Shea, Avni Trivedi and Carlos Villamil.  Highlighted alongside each piece is the sustainably-conscious message of each designer.
The garments represented showcase a variety of methods used for addressing sustainability, such as zero-waste pattern making, upcycled materials, the use of organic and other eco-friendly fabrics, multi-functional design, fair and ethically sound labor conditions, as well as natural dying, and “slow fashion” methods.  The exhibit looks through two lenses at sustainability: “how” designers choose to work with materials, as well as “why” it is relevant to both the consumer and designer alike.”

There was a great selection of mostly-vegetarian appetizers to munch on as well as Peak Organic beers.  Some of the reclaimed designs look a bit hodge-podge but I did really like Lallitara’s upcycled sari dresses and accessories.  The side exhibits about things like waste and how bottles become fleece were woven well into the fashion displays and had good information.  I was happy to come away with some local names to check out for my next shopping trip!

SustFash3SustFash6 SustFash8SustFash2 SustFash5 SustFash4   SustFash1SustFash7

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