Boston Fashion Week: ICA First Fridays – Fall Fashion

As Boston Fashion Week starts to wrap up, I brought two of my colleagues to the Institute of Contemporary Art’s First Friday Event – a monthly event included in my membership – which was fashion-themed this month.  The lobby turns into a lounge where guests can turn in a drink ticket for a beer or cocktail from a sponsoring brand – this time it was Boston-based Harpoon – and mingle while checking out the changing lobby exhibition which is usually gargantuan in size.


The galleries, café and gift shop are open during the entire event (no food or drink up in the galleries though).  After a quick tour of the new temporary exhibits (my friends were not impressed), we headed to the Barbara Lee Family Foundation Theater for the main event.  First there was a clip from the Artist Talk series with Proenza Schouler, which had taken place the week before, talking about how they got started in fashion.  Next, Boston Globe style columnist Christopher Muther gave a talk accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation about fall fashion trends.  Eh.


After this was the “alternative” fashion show from Louis Boston.  The shades on the windows of the theater (which I didn’t even know were there) were raised opening up a 270˚ view of the harbor which was fantastic.  Out came seeming non-models to EDM who one-by-one walked aggressively/weirdly down the catwalk showing some edgy streetwear-type clothing.  I suppose the “alternative” part truly came when they all reappeared and broke into dance – and then we realized they were dancers rather than models and the way they had been previously walking now made sense with that context.

ICAFashion8 ICAFashion5ICAFashion7 ICAFashion2ICAFashion3 ICAFashion4

It was alright but each segment of this presentation seemed unrelated so the audience was left looking at each other quizzically at the breaks.  Last year’s was better when they showed outfits with an MC who gave commentary.

My ensemble for the evening consisted of 3 used Ebay purchases and a recycled-materials hand bag. I paired DKNY camo skinny jeans with a raw-edged tweed Banana Republic blazer.


For accessories, I wore the Cole Haan Sawyer short boots previously mentioned and the Francisca Pop Top Evening Bag by Escama Studios handmade from recycled aluminum can pull tabs by an artist cooperative in Brazil.


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