Green Jobs Workshop

Green Jobs Workshop

The Office of Career Services at Harvard hosted a workshop on Tuesday entitled “Finding Jobs & Internships in Energy, Environment and Sustainability”.  Director Anthony Arcieri started with an overview of the industry here in Massachusetts, categorized the green jobs subfields and their outlooks, and then described the resources available for job hunting.

Massachusetts has been ranked 2nd after California in 2013 on the Clean Tech Leadership Index, a determination made by tracking technology, policy and capital indicators such as advancements in clean electricity, green building and incentives.  Boston is ranked 10th out of fifty U.S. metro regions using similar indicators including clean-tech jobs.  Our state is ranked 1st by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy for the third year in a row largely due to the impact of 2008 Green Communities Act which stimulated investments by utilities in energy efficiency.  What this means is that Boston is among the better markets in which to be searching for a “green” job.

The vast majority of these jobs are in the energy sector and in particular wind energy, such as in farm development and turbine manufacture.  There is a smaller market for marine (i.e. tidal), solar and bioenergy jobs.  Other related subfields include green construction (design, engineering, planning), finance (energy trading/carbon offsets), government and policy (departments of energy or environmental affairs) and research and analysis (consulting, think tanks).  In the environmental sector, jobs are typically related to climate change, environmental policy, conservation and natural resources and employers are often the government, consulting firms and non-profits.  The field of sustainability breaks down into corporate social responsibility, sustainable building and development, energy conservation and “greening” and life cycle analysis.  Jobs in these subfields often incorporate sustainability concerns into other duties, but it is not necessarily the main or only responsibility.  A major shift in the past few years has been that sustainability is less driven by branding and more by profitability.

Advice for a successful job search included staying current with trends by keeping up with the latest books, articles, reports and blogs; attending conferences such as the Massachusetts Green Career Conference; and joining groups, networks and job boards.  Some links by sector:

Green Energy Jobs
Professional Energy Jobs
Cool Climate Jobs
American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) - internships
US Department Of Energy - internships
National Renewable Energy Laboratory - internships

Orion Magazine Jobs Board
Environmental Career Opportunities
World Wildlife Fund
International Institute for Environment and Development
Union of Concerned Scientists

GreenBiz Job Board
Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship Green Dream Jobs
Green Careers Guide
The Weinreb Group
Net Impact

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