Boston International Fine Arts Show


The three-day Boston International Fine Art Show brings art dealers near and far to the Cyclorama at the Boston Center of the Arts.  Most of the galleries represented were from Boston or other parts of New England, however there were plenty of booths with dealers from New York, Chicago and L.A. as well as a handful from Canada, France and Italy.  Tickets are good for the entire weekend and include all of the special talks.  Walking around, the viewer is struck by the overwhelming quantity of paintings depicting forests, flowers, animals and seashores.  If gallery owners tailor their selections to display based on local sales experience, or their perceptions of what appeals to Bostonians, then we are certainly preoccupied with all things natural.  I would even say there was a notable absence of portraiture and cityscapes.

FineArtShow13-4  FineArtShow13-1FineArtShow13-2

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