RE:Gift 2014

ReGiftIt is a few days after the Sustainable Fashion Collaborative’s Post-Holiday Clothing Swap and I find myself at yet another event where still-serviceable cast-offs are desired, though this time it is in order to donate them to the needy.  RE:GIFT 2014 was sponsored by Bacardi and Society on High, a restaurant and bar in the Financial District.  This time the request was specifically for items that keep you warm.

In exchange for the cozy donations that we brought, myself and a friend received two drink tickets each which were good for choices from a cocktail menu of drinks made with Bacardi.

This event, like the swap, suffered from the good-idea-poor-execution problem.  We may have been the only two who showed up!  I’m not entirely sure how the marketing went but I only saw it as I happened to be registering for something else on Eventbrite.  Too bad.

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