Brookline Climate Week 2014: Bidder 70 Film


The 4th annual Brookline Climate Week started off yesterday with the documentary film Bidder 70 screened at the Coolidge Corner Theater.  The theme this year as stated by one of Climate Action Brookline’s board members was “linking the moral underpinnings of social and climate justice.”  The film depicts one of the more notable recent stories of injustice by following Timothy DeChristopher during the two years between his successful attempt to disrupt the illegal auction of public lands to oil and gas companies in Utah and his ultimate conviction and sentencing for that action.  It is literally heartbreaking to watch the judge block all bases for defense that have to do with moral conscience or that reference how the auction by the Bureau of Land Management was ultimately deemed unlawful anyhow.  During the discussion that followed the screening, the notion of grassroots climate change activism being the “abolitionist movement of our generation” was raised.  I get the comparison, not sure I feel too comfortable using it though.

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