Review: Behind the Walls

Subscribers to Boston magazine received a copy this month of Behind the Walls, a new publication from 360Chestnut – an internet resource for sustainable and healthy home building – the stated purpose of which is to be a “source for ideas, conversation, and celebration for the rapidly changing world of environmentally sound and smart homes and living.”  If you are planning to build or remodel, the slim supplement probably contains some useful advertisements to help you find a “green” building supplier or service provider.  There are also two mildly interesting articles on sustainable pre-fab homes and geothermal home heating.  However, the publisher should probably abandon the “living” content because it exemplified two of the worst tendencies in the promotion of eco-friendly living: glorifying the green-washed lifestyle of some celebrities and stupid DIY ideas.  Why should Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady be pat on the back for throwing up a few solar panels to power their monstrous 22,000 sq. ft. home and conspicuous consumption?  The bit about their plans for a vegetable garden to reduce their carbon footprint was particularly humorous.  If Gisele really worries about the increasing concentration of atmospheric carbon and is such an “eco-mommy” she would do better to fly commercial and stop hawking clothing from irresponsible manufacturers.  Even more silly was the article about “repurposing” where the reader is encouraged to turn a discarded door into a bookshelf and cut off the arm of an old sweater to make a mug cozy.  Who wants an old door in their living room??  It does not make for a 19th-century style curiosity, it looks like a piece of junk taking up space!


Even on the off chance you might not find it completely awkward to grab your coffee cup with a dangerously slippery piece of old wool wrapped around it, who nurses their morning joe that long to need a warmer??


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